Back in April i was asked by my buddy Ondrej Zunka, who recently joined Future Deluxe in London, if i could help him out with some character work. I was thrilled by the idea of working with him again. I did'nt need much thinking and agreed, besides having a full time day job at that time. The brief was pretty straight forward at that time. 4-5 CG characters and they should be photoreal. 

The pressure definitely went up when he mentioned that we are doing the OFFF MAIN TITLES !
Never did I expect having a chance to work on sucha prestigeous project... but now, out of the blue, it dropped right on my table. From that moment on I spent close to 10 weeks working every night, after the kids went to sleepi, until 2 or 3 am. Often leaving me laying in bed with those eyes in front of me.

But although it was very demanding at times, i really enjoyed it and learned very much from it.
So thanks to everyone involved, especially Ondrej and FD, for having me on the team.

Designed, Directed & Produced by FutureDeluxe
Character texturing & modelling by Felix Wolf
Character animation by Josef Sima & Jan Bohacek
Compositing by Igor Gama
Live Action Footage by Davy Evans
Music & Sound Design by Zelig Sound